Interview with Max Thomson

Some of you may have already noticed the beautiful paintings in store at the moment created by our long...

Some of you may have already noticed the beautiful paintings in store at the moment created by our long time friend, Max Thomson. For thirty five years Max worked as a professional photographer specializing and excelling in the fields of fashion and advertising. Having exhibited his work in many group exhibitions he has also had five solo shows. 

For Max though, his longtime interest in painting and drawing was ever prevalent. Max took a leap of faith and decided to paint full time. We caught up with Max right after he so very generously dropped off some of his home-grown potatoes into the store!


- What has been your most defining moment as an artist?

My most defining moment was the success of my Stonefields exhibition 2011. I have always considered myself as somebody who paints. 

- With years of experience and success as a Fashion photographer, what is your favorite photograph from your archives?

My favourite photograph is from the late sixties, a fisheye-lens shot of a girl running down a path. It is in 'The Dress Circle', a book on fashion published in 2010.

- Best advice you can give to any budding photographers or painters?

Just keep doing it.

- How has your experience through photography informed you as a painter?

My professional photography career has informed me as a painter particularly in framing and light.

- When do you feel most inspired?

It would be impossible to say when I am inspired, it is a random and diverse moment.

- Where do you paint from?

I paint in my studio at my house in Devonport.

- Ali told me you dropped off some home-grown potatoes and flowers, and that use you used to drop off hen's eggs too! Can you tell us a bit about your garden?

I used to have chickens, which I enjoyed very much, and may have again one day. I mainly grow Roma and Aunt Ruby’s Green tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and herbs now. My father always had a wonderful vegetable garden, and I get much pleasure from growing, eating and giving the produce to friends. I grow nearly everything in pots but planted potatoes this year in a small raised bed, with wonderful results.

 - What do you enjoy most about living in Auckland?

Living in Devonport with a wonderful view of the harbour and all the activity on it.

- And lastly, what place in the world has totally blown you away, and why?

Venice. I was totally unprepared for St. Marks Square.


Image above is a spread from Homestyle magazine, created by stylist Amber Armitage, featuring Max Thomson's 'Roses' painting. See more of Max Thomson's work in store and online


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