Astier de Villatte

 Packages from Paris! Merci Astier de Villatte and welcome once more. 

We are always extra excited to unwrap a package from Paris!

Each and every elegant object that arrives from Astier de Villatte, time after time, takes our breathe away! The French ceramic house began in 1996 by friends Benoît Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli. Their ceramics are handmade in their own Parisian workshops. Each piece is unique, as a result of manual work and the natural method of drying. The white enamel allows an irregular glimpse of the brown clay underneath. It is evident the care and mastery that has gone into all that they make.

A centrepiece, a heirloom. The perfect bowl for ripe plums and pears, the perfect vase for heavy summer blooms.. Merci Astier de Villatte and welcome once more!

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