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Usually when someone mentions Bolivia it would conjure up visions of people wearing big hats, colourful clothing and the rather odd Tinku festival. What Bolivia is not widely known for is cocoa (or cacao in their language), but it makes perfect sense that a mountainous region bordering the Amazon should grow the “Food of the Gods” and be very good at it too. Not a lot of cocoa comes from Bolivia, but what does is high quality, usually produced by small communities relying on subsistence farming.

When we started our testing we noticed an aroma of malted biscuits, we found that by adding a little milk into the recipe this malt flavour could be enhanced and we were pleasantly surprised to find a new flavour had emerged – Coconut! This Bolivia Dark Milk 58% bar is our first milk bar. We find it smooth and creamy with natural notes of malt biscuit and coconut.

Hogarth source the highest quality cacao beans from around the world to create small batches of chocolate using traditional techniques. The small factory is located in Nelson, New Zealand where they sort, roast, crush and classify, winnow, grind and conche, age, melt, temper, mold, and wrap by hand. The process uses minimal ingredients and is focused on preserving the natural flavours within the cacao to bring fine and exquisite chocolate. The wrappers are embossed and printed on beautiful antique Heidelberg machines using high quality specialty paper stock.


  • Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder.
  • Weight: 70g


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