Ceramic Box Snake Extra Large


Dimensions - sizing varies, approximately 16cm diameter, and 25cm high.

Due to the handmade nature of these ceramics the products are all unique and may not be exactly like the photo shown.


  • Galicia is an autonomous region of north western Spain. It derives its name from the ancient Celtic tribes that inhabited Western Europe during the Roman Empire and to this day is considered the 7th Celtic nation, after Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany and France. The area has a long tradition of handmade crafts and a wide range of artisans still practicing today.
  • Theirs is an ancient history, and one that is steeped in the earth with the Druid religion still embraced widely in the area. This connection to the earth is reflected in the colours and textures seen in the wonderful ceramics from the region. True to form these artists express themselves in everyday objects, those functional art pieces that add a richness to the living experience. Galician handmade ceramics are produced by co-ops of women of the area and each piece is signed by the maker.