Large Cylinder Vase (Noir)


The large cylinder vase in noir, made in collaboration between celebrated French florist, Christian Tortu, and Portugese ceramic house, Costa Nova. The simplicity of this vase allows the true beauty of the flora it houses to come to life.

Size - H 29.9cm, D 9cm, 1.5L capacity. Fine stoneware, made in Portugal.


  • Due to the handmade nature of these ceramics the products are all unique and may not be exactly like the photo shown.


Christian Tortu

The whole story of Christian Tortu, the man, the florist and the designer, begins in the vegetable garden of his parents in Anjou, near Saumur. Nature's lover from a young age, his arrival in Paris made him realize how much nature as he knew it was missing in the capital. 

To complete his way of seeing life, Christian and his team have developed collections of vases, decorative objects, scented products and home accessories, always drawing inspiration from nature.