Sash Clay Chandelier



The L.I.M but with the added detail of a top band and belly band.

While the majority of lights are factory produced, these chandeliers have a human story. They're lovingly made by the hands of local women on a small farm in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Drawing on African heritage and local craftsmanship, each bead is hand rolled using raw clay from the region. Klaylife have over 65 dedicated women rolling beads and creating their own work of art. Most importantly, they're making a difference to their local community.


  • Available in a range of colourways.
  • Small: 55cm height x 40cm diameter, 6kg, 4x 42W Halogen Bulbs.
  • Medium: 60cm height x 45cm diameter, 12kg, 5x 42W Halogen Bulbs
  • Large: 75cm height x 60cm diameter, 20kg, 6x 42W Halogen Bulbs
  • Extra Large: 100cm height x 90cm diameter, 45kg, 8x 42W Halogen Bulbs (POA)
  • To hang your light, you will need to choose between a standard chain (approximately 60cm) or five 's' hooks that interlink to form an adjustable chain. Each 's' hook is approximately 12cm in length.


Delivery can be between 12-16 weeks if stock is not available. Please contact us at for further information on delivery time and any additional freight charges.
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