Sequin Sleepers - Oxidised Silver

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Joanna Campbell has been making contemporary jewellery since 2001. Joanna's jewellery is based on a love of design combined with an innovative craft-based practice. She works from her studio in the Waitakeres, Auckland, New Zealand.

Underpinning her work is a fascination with textiles, and an enthusiasm for making metal more fabric-like in all its iterations: the study of the drape of a grosgrain ribbon; the ability of anodised aluminium to absorb dye like silk; or making strings of sequins out of gold and silver. Joanna has an extensive collection of rare and exquisite lace from all over the world - some pieces over 100 years old - which she incorporates directly into her jewellery, or uses to emboss the surface of metal.


  • Oxidised sterling silver.
  • Made in New Zealand.


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