Small Soapstone Dish | White


Size: Diameter: 248mm, H: 38mm.

Please allow for slight size variations.

All Asili products are fair-trade, made throughout East-Africa.


  • Design thoughtfully. Tread lightly. Know the story. Asili is a collaborative design platform with social impact. We guide collaborations between contemporary designers and East African artisans. The Asili name borrows from the Swahili word for essence, genesis, the source of something. It stands for the truth or fundamental nature of a person or object.
  • Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that consists of the mineral talc, also commonly referred to as steatite, it is known for being soft and easy to work with. Communities within Kisii have been using soapstone for generations, for many families, the carvings are their primary source of income. Skills are passed down within families, some reaching three to four generations of carvers. Each piece is individually hand crafted, from start to finish within a fair trade environment.