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Born and raised on an island off the coast of Norway, Marie Forsberg grew up simply, learning the arts of gardening, foraging, and cooking from her talented and resourceful mother. Post-university, she traveled the world learning photography, relishing in international trips, visiting bustling world capitals, and living a chic lifestyle. But once, on a trip to London, she felt a yearning to see the English countryside.

Instantly inspired by the rolling meadows and charming thatched-roof cottages, she rented a home. As she began to rediscover the arts of her upbringing, relearning her mother's lessons and recipes while coming into a style of cooking of her own, Marte Marie Forsberg began her blog, My Cottage Kitchen.

Her seasonal recipes and sumptuous photography-occasionally featuring Mr. Whiskey, her English pointer and constant companion-will transport any food lover and Anglophile to the country lanes and quaint towns of England.


  • Author: Marte Marie Forsberg.
  • Dimensions: 260x196x29mm 
  • Hardcover, 288 pages.


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